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Have the ability to hide the bouncing notification icons that appear over our city's structures. These would be the stars, moons, crates, tools and any other icon that bounce over a given structure to signal an action.


There are many times when I just wish to enjoy the superior visuals the game has to offer. Unfortunately the vast majority of the time my city is cluttered with over-sized "bouncing" notification icons that are very distracting and often hide or block other structures. This makes it difficult to enjoy the aesthetics of the game and fully appreciate that artistry on display in our own personalized creations. :)

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Hiding these icons could be easily implemented by simply adding another user-defined option. There are already options for stopping animations or turning off smoke & clouds. This would simply be an expansion of that and allow players to customize things to their liking. It could easily be turned on and off whenever the need arises. I can't see any case where this would change the way anybody is currently playing. It would just allow those who enjoy the artistic value of the game to view their creations in their full glory.
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Voting will be available until 3/17/17
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What is the status of this proposal? Is it going to be submitted? It's been up for polling for almost 2 months now with 68% support.