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Already Suggested Ability to sort current goods trade offers in the Market

Would you find this filter feature useful for easier trading management

  • Nice idea, would be very helpful to make trading easier

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  • I don’t really need this much for my trading

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  • What a waste of an idea!

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  • I really have no clue what I want

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Add filter options (similar to trading tab) to the “Your Current Offers” tab.

Have you Checked the Ideas section for the same idea posted by someone else? Is this idea similar to one that has been previously suggested?
you will save yourself a lot of time and avoid the risk of your thread being closed quickly

yes, and couldn’t see anything related

Explain why you think this is either a necessary or enhancing addition to the game.
Currently a players own posted trades in the market are displayed in chronological order only, which is a pain sorting through current posted trades for goods. i.e different trades posted at different times have to be manually searched through by scrolling up and down the trades list and then manually collated to get a clear picture of where you are with your goods trades and what trades you may want to modify, abort or add to. This can be difficult to manage as you get busy with numerous trades with multiple era goods...some for FP, some fair trade and some for guild.

I know there will be players that say well I only have a few trades for what I need so it’s easy. I suppose I could only answer that at some stage you’ll find it very helpful to be able to do this easier if you don’t want to manually doing tallying to track what you have going on.

Explain the specifics of your idea. How will it work?

Would be good to be able to sort by goods (basically the same as the selection options in the trading tab) see example below. Default view is still chronological order of date of trade offer (oldest at top of each trade rate). But the ability to sort by what you have on market (especially if goods trades are added at different times) would be very helpful as it’s a very manual process at the moment going up and down the list to figure what you have on market for what and how much.
eg, easily select a given good and will display the trades for that (either offered or sought). Let’s you easily see what might be missing, or if you have duplicate or excess trades in place.

Visual Aids:
See attached mock up image

Describe what impact this idea will have on other game features. Will it require adjustments or changes? If so, be specific.
I don’t think would be any great change to how the game will function, (you already have this feature on the trading tab), except that it’ll make trading tracking quicker and easier for players to optimise their trade play more efficiently.

Abuse Prevention:
Does your idea open up possible exploits or make it possible for players to cheat? If so, then how can this be addressed?.
Not an abuse issue as it’s just a report data display function.

Fairly simple addition adjustment that’ll help to make trading and trade tracking more efficient for players using an existing feature already in the market on the trading tab.

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