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Accepting friend requests.


I'm currently accepting friend requests from players in Jaims.

Your city should be at least Iron Age. I avoid friend requests from BA players so I don't get new players who join up and then decide they don't want to play after a few days and quit.
Put a tablecloth in your tavern. My tavern uses a tablecloth and I expect the same courtesy from my friends. I don't care if it's burgundy or the simple tablecloth. I'm not concerned about the FP returns from visiting your tavern since it's an unreliable source even with burgundy, and I'm not above helping newer players get their basic city functions built up.
Aid. My city isn't loaded down with decos, useless culturals, or badly outdated buildings, so just go ahead and aid. I check the event log every week or so and friends who haven't aided get dumped, so you should probably try to aid 3-4 times a week at least.
Don't be a neighbor. I want a free hand in case I feel the need to attack and plunder you.