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Do Not Suggest Add 1 & 100 FP packs

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Square Watermelon

New Member
Add 1 & 100 FP packs.

Keeps banked FPs in the bank while investing.

With the current set of 2, 5, & 10 FP packs there are regular issues where even though I have 0 FPs on my bar I end up with anywhere from 1-9 FPs on my bar after having invested banked FPs. I in no way whatsoever want my long collected banked FPs to accidentally get spent like ordinary FPs. The "spending calculation" (or whatever system it is that spends your FPs) could be recalibrated to take into account the new 1 & 100 FP packs so that as you invest your banked FPs no FP is ever wrongly sent to your bar. Additionally, larger packs would be broken down into smaller packs as necessary so that the exact desired investment quantity can be made.

Visual Aids:


Abuse Prevention:

Add 1 & 100 FP packs. Recalibrate FP pack spending so that no banked FP is ever wrongly sent to the bar.