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Add 1 Friend


New Member
Was "noob'ing" along following the story line quest until I got to this part (the thread title). Where is the "Add a Friend" tab located? Is there a list of friends to choose from? How do add a suggested name/email/???? of somebody?

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
At the far right side of your friends list is where you'll find the game recommendation button on pc I believe. Don't think there is a recommendation button on mobile.

Better is to find someone you would like to have as a friend (usually from your neighborhood list if you are new), click on their portrait, then select "add friend" on the right side. If you are guild hopping, picking someone active in a guild you pass through is a good choice.

If a person declines your invite, don't stress over it, there are plenty of other good players out there. Picking someone who is active is key though, since they will motivate your buildings and visit your tavern.


Well-Known Member
On the computer
Click on the friends tab on the social bar.
Click on find friends
Click on Add button under one portrait.
This satisfies the quest, but you don't actually have the friend until that person accepts you as friend.


New Member
Well, I've accepted at least one friend and have had a multitude of polishing and motivation actions. Some have an "Aid" button that I hit thinking i'm going to be sending back aid only to find I get gold coins added to my stash instead. Some questions:

* Where is the best place to post appreciation/thanks/etc.
* What is the best method of accumulating supplies that does not spend real world dollars
* Is there a specific area for communicating with the guild one joins
* What are typical actions for iron bronze age noobs who visit someone's city.
* ... probably many more