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add a setting to show totals (previous game play method)


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Create a setting option to briefly show in green the totals of FPs, coins, supplies, and medals collected when mousing the cursor over multiple buildings to collect. This proposed setting would be the way the game worked as recently as yesterday.

Current System (if applicable)

The game now shows individual collection amounts in green just below the permanent totals for FPs, coins, supplies, and medals. These now go by so fast that it is impossible for any human being to add them up before the numbers disappear.

As recently as yesterday, the game showed the total amount of FPs, coins, supplies, and medals after the player finished mousing the cursor over every building in the city.

The ingame moderator said that in the new method, "as long as there was no gap between the houses the total would still sum at the top". I still can't add up the partial totals because they display too fast and there are four different sums I would have to add up simultaneously.


Under the old system, after all of the building collections were made, the totals (the current collection totals) would briefly appear in green below the permanent counters. Under the new system, each collection is shown individually and they fly by too fast for any human being to possibly be able to add them up.

Certainly it is possible to write down all of the permanent totals, then collect, then look at the new permanent totals, and then subtract each by hand, but computers are much, much better at this kind of mechanical arithmetic than humans are.

Clearly there were many players who were requesting that they see each collection as individual numbers, but I am guessing that there is a significant minority of players (including me) who want to look at which buildings need collecting while moving the cursor around (and quickly aim for those buildings while moving the mouse) and then look for the totals of how much was just collected.

I'd almost guess that the players who want to see every individual collection amount might look at the numbers floating above each building as it is collected or even manually click on each building one at a time rather than mousing over multiple buildings.

It would seem to me that individual clicking rather than moving the mouse cursor would be the preferred method for seeing individual amounts collected and that seeing a total would be the preferred method when moving the mouse cursor to rapidly collect from multiple buildings. But obviously I am wrong because Inno's programmers have been swamped with requests for this new method.

I am simply suggesting offering a settings option that returns the game to its previous presentation for those players who are humans and can't add as fast as a computer can. I am NOT asking that the new method be taken away from the overwhelming majority of players -- I am asking for a settings option so that those of us in the minority can see the totals in the manner that the game worked literally yesterday.

Abuse Prevention

I can't think of anyway that providing information in a human readable format would result in abuse or cheating.

Visual Aids



I am just asking for a setting that allows players to opt to use the previous game play.

The ingame moderator suggested that I "do the math if you did not want to trust in the programming.".

It isn't a matter of lack of trust, it is a matter that I can't add up four different sums in the time that the individual collection numbers are displayed. It is too fast for me or any human being to add.

Obviously you know how to write that code and you probably still have that source code available.

Asking players to do the arithmetic themselves lowers the quality of your game. Computers are much better than humans at mechanical computations.

Please give us players an optional setting to have the collection totals rather than forcing us to reverse engineer your game and play through our own private bot.

Aldo Raine

New Member
I agree, I would much rather see the total collected, can't imagine why anyone would prefer the way it is now.


I don't understand. When I collect it shows the individual amounts from each building in a popup near the building, and the total amount collected in a pass is shown near the coin/supply totals.


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I vote yes. jaelis, I've started getting individual buildings instead of the total amount. Makes recurring quests a lot slower.


I agree. This 'improvement' is no improvement at all. Please Inno - roll back to the previous method in which totals collected are delayed and then tallied before showing.


I agree, I prefer to see the total collected, not a rapid progression of individual collections. Those go by so fast that it makes the information essentially meaningless.


OK well just to prove I'm not crazy

That's like it has always been for me.


Does your total amount now come up quicker even though you're still collecting from buildings?


Yes I think that is right. maybe I don't collect enough at once to see it.


The old behavior was it waited if you were swiping your cursor to collect multiple buildings until a second or two after the last building was collected from. You got one lump sum shown under your total coins. Here's the new (and undesirable) behavior:

The first figure is from the pole hut. The second figure is from 10 cottages. The third figure is either two more cottages or one motivated one. I would much rather being seeing 4204, like it used to be.
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I agree with this. Was using the count delay to get a good idea of which buildings gave
what general totals. Made decisions based on those. I'm sorry but my math skills are
abyssmal, and I'd really like the delay to be added (or put back in). Thank you! :)


One thing I have noticed about this is that if you click and drag fast enough, you do get one total, but if you are working on a recurring quest, you don't get credit for the full amount. In the way back, the same thing happened, except that total going to your account would come up short. INNO did fix it (then) and it has been working fine for years. Wonder why it was changed again? BTW, if you are on a quest, clicking each house (or whatever) individually does fix the (quest) problem.