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Already Suggested Add GBG home base attrition reduction bonus

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GBG allows buildings on virtually every sector except the guild's home base so the proposal is to add some kind of attrition reduction bonus to the guild's home bases.

After visiting multiple guilds, I've found several of them have been cornered into their home base unable to go anywhere on the GBG map because of 2 or more other guilds blocking them. This could be from the beginning of the season where the guild gets a late start compared to the others or because they were pushed back to home base during the season. In these cases, the other guilds have a distinct advantage of having buildings that reduce attrition whereas the guild on home base has full attrition. This is a real disadvantage to the guild on home base that sometime makes it almost impossible for the guild to leave home base and tends to reduce participation and cause the guild to basically drop out of the season.

Grant the home base sector a set attrition reduction, such as 48%/2 SC's or at least 24%/1 SC. This would allow the guild a better chance to leave home base.

Visual Aids:

I don't know of anything else this might affect in the game since it only affects home base sectors on the GBG map and it's a minor attrition reduction.

Abuse Prevention:
Attrition reduction set too high, 95%+, might cause issues.

This should be a pretty simple concept to implement and give every guild on the GBG map a better chance to actually participate and play GBG.
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