Forwarded Add more Functionality to the Guild Treasury Donation Logs

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Add Sorts and Filters and perhaps the ability to 'Export' the data into Excel, from the Guild Treasury contributions list

Current System (if applicable)
The current system is only one long list which isn't helpful when attempting to track goods donations.

As we all know, it takes Guild Treasury goods to open up GE levels, as well as participate in GVG. Folks who have GBs that donate automatically, help the guild out in filling the cache of goods in the guild, but those without GBs are not assisting the guild unless they manually donate goods to the Guild Treasury. Our guild has implemented a minimum requirement each week for members who do not have an OBS, Arc or Atom so that they are helping the guild out in opening up the 4 levels of the GE as well as the GVG battles that we participate in. However, I am tasked each week with "tracking" who have not met our guilds minimum goods donation for the week (We track Tue - Mon). At present, I have to manually count all 75 pages and extrapolate that data onto an Excel workbook which keeps tally after indicate how much each member has donated.

My request/suggestion/idea is to just add more functionality within the Guild Treasury Goods contribution area that allows the following to be done:
- Filter by name, or another column (such as...we ONLY want to see 'Guild Treasury Donation' entries since these are the manual donations)
- Provide Sort on each data column
- Allow the records to be exported into .csv or .xlsx format
- Allow 'searching' for specific names within the logs

By including these types of functionalities within the Guild Goods Treasury Contribution list area, it would be easy to find the exact records that you want to see without having to scroll through every single page multiple times to find what you're looking for

Abuse Prevention

Visual Aids

I understand that some guilds don't care who donates what, but if you're going to be competitive in FoE, you need Guild goods. To get guild goods, everyone has to pull their weight. My idea would make the job of tracking who's donated what, easier for those guilds who do perform this kind of analysis each week.

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