Forwarded add production timer and uses remaining to great building screen

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Update the mobile app to add a production timer and number of uses remaining to the owner's view of the great building screen.

Current System
In mobile, there is no indicator when a great building will next produce or how many uses are remaining, and the player must rely on their memory or rigorous synchronization of collections.

Knowing when your great building will next produce is useful for deciding when to level, predicting next collection, and planning optimal utilization of limited uses (e.g. Lighthouse, Royal Albert Hall, Saint Mark's Basilica, Kraken, Dynamic Tower). Not having this information available is an information gap which can be easily fixed by adding it to the great building screen itself.

Buildings without productions, or with unlimited uses, would simply not display those components.

(This does not fall under DNSL as the PC version does not present great building information in this way. This might even be a useful addition to the PC version of the game, since it would consolidate the information in a location easily accessible from the owner's great building menu.)

Abuse Prevention
Production time information would frequently be abused if it was visible to all users. Making the display owner-only will eliminate this avenue of abuse.

Visual Aids

This enhancement would help players manage their great building resources and is an intuitive extension of the way this information is displayed for production buildings.

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