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Already Suggested Add Troop Reset Button

Would you support adding a button as an option to quickly remove all troops from the Attacking Army

  • Yes

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • No

    Votes: 1 100.0%

  • Total voters

Noah Problem

New Member
Add a troop reset button to help facilitate the reselection process between battles. The button would clear out all troops (healthy or injured troops alike) so that a new set of healthy troops or an entirely different army composition may be quickly selected for the next battle.

Whenever I transition to a new battle I typically clear out injured troops, and troops that are not suitable for the next round of opponents. The process is tedious, especially on mobile where the windows jump around to different screen positions. I would rather clear the slate, and then select a fresh set of fighters.

The button might be as simple as a "Red X" box and placed in the upper corner of the Attacking Army field. The player may choose to clear all or to individually select troops (same as the game is currently set up).

Visual Aids:

Since the use of this feature is optional it should have no drawbacks to users who aren't interested in using it. People who wish to hasten the transition from one battle to the next should enjoy being able to quickly clear their troops.

Abuse Prevention:
There should be no game abuse resulting from this modification.

Benefits to using the "troop reset" button include a) faster battle set-up, b) avoidance of tedious removal process c) greater enjoyment for playing the game.


Active Member
Good idea which will be the second most idea to gets placed in already suggested or unformatted. Even in forwarded ideas it might be available, if am not wrong.


Well-Known Member
You couldn't pick worse timing to suggest speeding up combat.

No, I won't say why, but it was a big topic of discussion in update 1.199 Feedback.

I wonder why it is that people that propose Ideas don't vote yes for their Ideas?


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
You really would have saved yourself some time if you followed the instructions.

Already suggested.