Advertising for Friends in Houndsmoore


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Advertising for Friends in Houndsmoore.​

Ever since starting the game in August 2014, I have motivated or polished all my neighbors, all my guild members and all my friends, daily, without fail. Well, I've taken a look at the motivating/polishing I have received in return. It turns out to be about ten percent. So I am thinking to myself, I need some new friends, some friends that I can count on to give the motivation and polishing to my city in like kind to the motivation and polishing I give to their cities. With this in mind, I have decided to place this classified ad in the forums for others who are actively developing their cities in the world of Houndsmoore. So write me, if you think that I would be the kind of a friend that you would enjoy helping you grow your city with reciprocal acts of motivating and polishing.

Bruce Bagel,
Mayor of Italy Hill (42° 35' 47" N, 077° 15' 14" W)
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