[Poetry] Ahhh...


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I am unpacking boxes to repack for my move in April, and I came across some old crap :D
most is rather dark and probably get me into trouble, but this one I wrote in 2007. There is a piece of Artwork that goes with it by my friend Kass, but it is somewhere in eternity now...this is all I have left.

Years of hell, purchased souls…
Blood and bruises, who pays the toll?
Years of agony, bound up pain…
The knots are elaborate,
The demands are insane…
They eat at your soul,
Not that it matters, you have nothing to say…
Gagged and muted to all but your self,
Pain is expected, betrayal is par…
Escape comes painfully,
And they think you a freak…
Little do they know
The depths of your hell
Of which you can’t speak.
Your armor is clad
Your defenses are precise
You have won your freedom, your voice
Your right……..​