All female guild looking for new sisters

Kahlan Amnell

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Hi :)
My name is Tina. I'm the Founder of the Amazons Of Light. We are an all ladies guild in Dunarsund and in Arvahall and are currently seeking new members. We have no rules other than fair trading. We are a stress free relaxed guild and have been here for over 3 years. If you would like to join us and play without guild rules or requirements ( other than being a female :), then please send me a message for an invite. We would love to have you with us and I'm sure you won't regret it. Have a wonderful day :)



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Hi Kahlan I am a female interested in joining your guild. I am new to the game and will need help if that is possible.


This doesn't sound right to me. What's next? An exclusive all "skin head" guild? Or a "Black Panthers" guild? And how do you know the members are actually female? You can use any Avatar you choose.


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I agree, in Brisgard I know a player who changes his avatar back and forth from the opposite sex biweekly, he says he does this because of his involvement in GVG,he makes enemies, don't see how changing avatar helps him though, he can't change his name, my advice, discuss girly stuff, most men have no clue! :) you'll weed them out.


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This is my avatar everywhere. Would I qualify? Your guess is as good as mine. Inno says it's female, but look at that jaw-line...

On the internet, groups with this manner of exclusivity are simply not realistic, and in fact are more likely to attract immature members of the opposite gender rather than the one that is sought.


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Glarg, if you remember when you first started the game, specifically the stone Age. look at the make up, it's Neanderthal Glarg, LOL :)