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Add all perment effects to all buildings pop up when the building is clicked.

Current System

Currently only some buildings have this feature.
Culture and Decoration buildings show their permanent effect when clicked for a pop up.
Residential buildings do not and some event buildings do not.


Many buildings don't have their permanent information labeled within their pop up when you click their building in your city.
When someone clicks a residential building it only shows how much coins the player will get and the timer to how much longer they must wait to acquire those coins.
That same pop up should also include how much population that building supplies as a permanent effect.
Event buildings should also show any permanent effects they also provide.
The recent Speakers Corner shows how many coins a player will receive and a timer till they receive them.
It unfortunately doesn't not share the info of its population boost or attack boost when it is clicked to show its pop up information.

Abuse Prevention

There is no abuse.


I find it difficult to remember the hidden stats of every single building.
This would help players without edict memory to better plan their cities without having to constantly refrence the build menu or the wikia which could have false information.

Addition -- Great Buildings should receive a Count Down Timer.
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