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Allegiance : Honor, Speed and Loyalty


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Salutations Warriors,

Allegiance led by kssfrmangl and DonG44 have decided that it is time to renovate a bit and make the guild more fit for purpose with the recent changes in the game (GBG in particular). We aim to keep the same cozy, warm-hearted feeling that is found among close small guilds while improving in terms of the metrics of the game (GE/GBG) as we improve our offensive might. Our style of play prizes honor, speed and loyalty synchronised with teamwork and knowledge. Hence, we are looking for a few players (maximum guild size would be 21 at first so we can concentrate on helping those) who are active and willing to contribute and grow within a team oriented environment.

So if you are looking for a soon to be level 33 Gold guild with experienced and sociable people in a low drama but forward looking environment this might be the right place for you because:


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Guild : a group of people who have joined together in pursuit of a common interest.

Allegiance continues to develop at a good pace :
-Active Membership stands at 24 as of now
-level 36
-Platinum level guild (inspite of aiming to remain in gold league)
-Ranked 44 in G world
Allegiance aka “The Lancers” due to its attack speed in GVG was built on the model of being a small secondary guild for players and is now carving its own niche in G- World.
Our development plan over the next few weeks are to:
  • Increase core membership to 26
  • Arc Arc ARC!
  • Improve current 1.9 thread
  • Increase membership fighting capabilities by at least 15%
  • Solidify position in Gold league before stepping up to Platinum
  • Work on GE (get average above 85%)
So if you are looking for a Guild who prides itself on cooperative gaming and shared responsibility we maybe the right fit for you.