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[Guide] Amiar's Simple Guide to Settlement Gold

Discussion in 'Guides' started by amiar, Feb 14, 2019.

  1. amiar

    amiar Active Member

    Jan 7, 2018
    CGs: Cultural Goods
    Copper: Copper Coins
    Dip: Diplomacy​

    Overall Strategy:
    • 7 or 8 expansions (purchased with axes or mead)
    • Use only Huts, Shrines, and CG buildings
    • Use only an 8/8/4 hr rotation on all buildings.
    • The building ratio goal here is 6 hut:11 shrine:4 axe/beast and 5 hut:11 shrine:3 mead/wool (pictured at the bottom).

    Phase 1: Planning
    1. Make a spreadsheet. Include the CG cost of every single bit of research in the embassy advancements tab. This is extremely important to do as it will help you know when to begin and end production of each CG.
    2. In each phase of city expansion you can use foe city planner to make an efficient layout without having to frustratingly remodel your city.
    3. You are going to be ignoring quests with this strategy. Do not intentionally go for a quest, simply let it complete itself when it gets done. (Don't rush to make 50 horns when you are still building axes).
    Phase 2: Acquiring Shrines
    1. This is the first research and it always costs 10 axes. This should be the first thing you spend axes on since shrines will be your main source of Copper income. Your first layout should basically be enough houses to make an axe smith or 2. If you can squeeze 2 it can help you get expansions sooner. start.gif
    2. After shrines are acquired, buy at least 3-4 expansions with axes to make room for more shrines and eventually some mead breweries. I think you can get 4 expansions for under 20 axes.
    Phase 3: Acquiring Huts
    1. After making a mead brewery, focus your CGs on researching huts. If along the way you pick up a couple expansions for mead, no big deal, the time hit shouldn't hurt too much.
    2. Once huts are researched purchase remaining expansions with the CG of your choice.
    Phase 4: Acquiring all Cultural Goods and Researching
    1. Once you have your hut, shrine, CG factory set up I would suggest building all of your axes (you should already have some smiths built and all of your mead together (you should already have 1 or 2 mead built). The point is, don't delete any axe smiths or mead breweries until your quota is full. So if you need 300 axes and 57 mead and you reach your mead quota with 150 axes to go, delete the mead brewery and build axe smiths. Once you have met your axe quota, replace them with horns, and once horns are done, replace with wool.
    2. In order to research beast hunters or the wool farm you need a lot of diplomacy...which you won't have from your city. This will take a little bit of time, so make sure you can spend 10 minutes or so rearranging everything. In order to meet the Dip necessary you will need to do the following:
    • Delete roads and fill with runestones
    • Delete CG buildings and fill with runestones
    • Delete some huts and fill with runestones (try not to do this one if possible)
    • Build Clan totems (this should only be necessary for the final push once all CGs are acquired)
    Phase 5: Final Push
    1. Once all CGs are acquired you need to research a bunch of stuff and push through your quest line. So delete everything in your city (including roads), except your huts. Place all the huts in a corner and fill your city with clan totems (build time 1 hr). Once you have done that you should have enough diplomacy to research everything. Delete enough clan totems to build the clan house, willow, and mead hall. Once those parts of the quest are completed you will need 1200 diplomacy (you should have this from clan totems). Go ahead and delete your clan totems and build 5 goods buildings. Now you are done! diplomacy.gif

    Ideal layout/ratio:
    Below is an example of my poorly expanded city (I tried to minimize the impediments and ended up with just one 1x1 [the obelisk]). In it I have 6 huts, 4 hunters (representing either axe smiths or beast hunters), and 11 blacksmiths (representing shrines). layout1.gif
    • This guide is not exhaustive or perfect. It's not a Prima step by step walkthrough, but just a general guide. Follow all of it or just parts if you want. I've gotten gold without spending diamonds 3 times, each with 1.5+ days to spare.
    • Having 4 CG buildings might not be the most efficient if you are running out of copper and doing 4hr overnight build timers. If you are doing 4hrs overnight, delete a CG building, build a shrine or 2 in it's place and get your copper back up and think about dropping the 4th CG building back in once you have a surplus of copper
    • You can build an unattached shack to meet a population requirement to build another shrine. A connected shrine will make much more copper than one attached shack.
    • Always build 8,8,4. Getting the 4x bonus on an 8 hour gives you 40 goods and only 20 from a 4 hour. It's a huge difference and can help ensure you get gold.
    • When building a new CG building, try your best to log in an hour later and get those productions started.
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2019
  2. amiar

    amiar Active Member

    Jan 7, 2018
    Finished my 4th settlement gold with 2 days 19 hours left!
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