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Unformatted An 'Aid All' and/or 'Visit All' button for your friends list


New Member
A simple UI button that will aid all of your eligible friends (has been 24h since the last time aided). Another UI button that will visit all eligible taverns (not full, not visited within last 24h).

This is not necessary, but would cut down on time consumption for forgers. With upwards of 80+ friends, this can take a while to sift through everyone on your friends list, not to mention your guild and neighbors. A single action that will aid everyone would have a quick adoption rate and increase frequency of incoming aid to a forgers' empire as it's been made much easier to provide it.

Programmatically speaking, if we are only going through friends, this would call for a While loop. Outside this loop would have a variable for the coins received for aiding friends. Inside the loop, it would compare each friends to see if they are eligible for aid (this logic exists already), and if they are, aid them and add to the variable total. After iterating through all friends, give the player the total sum of coins and that's that.

For Taverns it would be a similar setup, except there would be extra counters for forge points / tavern silver gained instead of coins.

Visual Aids:
I'm not artistically inclined, but the concept is simple enough, this button could be placed somewhere close to the friends list, before #1 as a blank card that says 'Aid All', or before the 'Find Friends' card.

For Taverns, it could be three chairs with an arrow pointing to the seat, much like the current image for sitting at an individual tavern.

This shouldn't have an impact outside of the silo it's housed in. This should not need adjustments as it's a loop that would dynamically iterate through data that already exists and is updated elsewhere.

Abuse Prevention:
I do not foresee people abusing a button that would do nothing for them if clicked multiple times.

To surmise, potentially two buttons would be added to a new card in the friends list that acts as an effective 'Everyone.' These would allow users to help more players while freeing up more time to forge. It's a win-win for everyone!


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
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