An Introduction to the Priory de Sion

HappyRex Mundi

New Member
The Priory de Sion is a guild based in both A and V. It is a guild that maintains a focus on training new players to allow them to become the best players they can be.
The Priory de Sion or Priory of Zion historically was the fore runner of the Knights Templar. The Priory created its base in the Holy Land on the Mount of Olives. The Priory defended pilgrims from attack and focused on finding historical artifacts in the Holy Land.
The Priory knights were known for being honorable, brave, and smart. This was a group that was very dedicated to their tasks and always honored their word.
In that light the guild is dedicated to fair play, honest dealings and committed to aiding anyone who asks. In GE they are focused on one thing: Victory!
To join requires applying rather than an open recruitment policy.