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Announcements only on the first world you enter

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So what you are saying is that well willing players can forget about any improvements, cause there are stupid idiots playing this game as well.
I looked extra special close at my two posts in this thread.

No, I didn't say that.

If you had said "can forget about THIS improvement, cause there are stupid idiots playing this game." I'd be happy to agree because that sums up my position on this Proposal pretty well.

This Proposal is a reasonable Proposal and request. If implemented it will also demonstrate how many idiots play this game.

I hold no sympathy for those idiots, my concern is elsewhere. This game gets enough legitimate criticism . INNO does not need to give idiots more opportunities to baselesly badmouth the game. We get enough of that crap now.This Proposal is beneficial, but not worth that price.
Not open for further replies.