Arctic Future - Part 3

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Dear Players!

Arctic and the importance of its precious resource are already well-researched. This is leaving noticeable marks on your city. The buildings are becoming more and more inspired by the Arctic culture.
Your Arctic adventure will continue on October 12th!

With this third part of the Arctic Future we are giving you:

  • 41 story quests that continue your journey in the Arctic
  • 10 optional side quests
  • 9 campaign map provinces
  • 8 new technologies to research
  • 1 workshop
  • 1 military building
  • 1 culture building
  • 1 premium residential building
  • 1 premium decoration
  • 2 new types of roads

If you're already in the Arctic Future, you probably tried utilizing your harbor by now! You're able to hire crew members and send your ship on a journey to collect precious promethium for you.
With this new content extension, you will get 5 new potential crew members to choose from, and they all come with new abilities:

- Sam and Kim, twin sisters, will boost each other's skills if you hire them together.
- Josh, the scavenger, will bring you random, additional resource (Diamonds also possible!).
- And last, but not least, quartermaster Madiha and steward Bryce, will boost promethium and time-related skills of other crew members.

Please note that the addition of new sailors does not mean that the padlocked crew member spot will be unlocked. So make sure that you choose your crew wisely to get the best possible balance of time, damage and loot!

We also have a completely new crew-related functionality. From now on, the crew members can level up! Every time a sailor is a part of the crew, they get a certain amount of experience points. Once the required amount is reached (not surprisingly - the higher level you want to get, the more experience points you need) and you decide to pay for the level-up with the Arctic Future goods, they will advance! Naturally, the higher the level the greater results of their work.

- The new light unit that we introduce with this part of Arctic Future, the Dragon Drone, comes with a new skill named Dragon Breath (in addition to an already known one: "Flying"):

Dragon Breath
Attacks a row of enemies up to two tiles behind the target enemy without receiving retaliation. In total up to three enemy units can be attacked.
Attack value is the same for all attacked units. When dragon drone gets attacked, it will retaliate, but it will not use the skill. If the drone is lucky enough to deal a critical hit, the increased damage will only affect the main target and not the units attacked as secondary targets.

We hope you enjoy this new part of Arctic Future! We'd love to hear from you, so make to leave your feedback here.

Thank you!
Your Forge of Empires Team
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