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Lisa the Quick

New Member
Lemuria is a no-drama guild. We believe in positive incentives, and focus on advancing our guild and teammates, emphasizing GBG and GE. We provide an active and supportive environment, and are recruiting super-active team members to share:
  1. Many positive incentives, including prizes like buildings loaded at 195% and higher!
  2. Active 1.9 (for arc 80+) and 1.85 threads, 1.9 arc leveling thread open to all levels, 1.95 threads for targeted buildings!
  3. FP swap threads of 5-200 FPs.
  4. 8 FPs daily from your town hall, all the benefits that come from being a 65+ level guild... and more fun activities like a lottery :)
  5. No expectations of guild donations!
We expect the following as minimum requirements, but are looking for people who are motivated to excel beyond:
  1. Absolutely no sniping guild members’ buildings. We’re a family here, not adversaries.
  2. Arc level 80 required. We require an 80 arc to avoid treasury donations.
  3. 100 or more advances per GBG season. More is incentivized! Plus more incentives for Statues of Honor!
  4. Weekly completion of 32 encounters in GE (64 on push weeks), with incentives for exceeding minimum requirements. Fighting or negotiating, whatever works for you.
  5. Due to impact on guild performance, we ask that if know you’re not going to meet expectations for the upcoming week (work pressure, vacation, school, etc.) leave for that period, with an invite sent immediately so you can join when you return. We understand unforeseen emergencies occur, and ask you to inform us as soon as possible.
  6. Mo/Po your guildies at least 3 times a week.
To join us in Lemuria, please contact in game Inv0ker or Vespasian 430 the Dire (she’s not really dire, she’s a sweetheart ;))
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