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Are you in a good guild?


New Member
I started on FoE about 2 months ago. I joined a guild that's got 80 people in it. Nobody chats, very few do guild expeditions. Anyone have a good guild they can recommend?

I'm in the Late Middle Ages - "Paul the Plunderer 007" look me up.

Kranyar the Mysterious

Well-Known Member
I'd invite you to mine, but it is full at the moment. Haven't had time to kick the slackers in a few weeks.

I'd recommend looking at the guild list (upper left corner), and try joining a few guilds that are 50+ members that are ranked between 25 and 50, with auto-join enabled (so you can join without an invite). Join, look at the threads available and how active they are, look at their marketplace, maybe ask a couple of questions. Don't be afraid to leave your current guild (button found to the right of your name in the guild tab under "membership".

You should be able to find a good active guild that is suitable for beginners somewhere in that group, if not, expand out a bit. There is no penalty for joining, quitting, then joining another guild until you find one you like (except not being able to rejoin one you leave for a week).

Try to find one with fairly low GE requirements that opens all 4 levels of GE every week. To me this is one of the best indicators of a guild's activity. Try to find one with an active Sticks to Bricks thread. Try to find one that doesn't have too strict of expectations. That group of guilds should likely fill the bill as well.


New Member
I'm in D'Arc. It is a great guild full of chatty helpful active members. I'm actually posting because my world won't finish downloading so I can play and am worried my guild leaders won't know what happened to me. FOE says this is common and to wait til the bugs are worked out. Suggested I play on a private browser. Clueless as to how to do that. Anyway I'm sidelined and wish there was a way to contact my guild leaders.