Are you looking for a guild?


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Rebel Slaves is looking for guild mates and as many as 4 to help set up and run a new guild.
Are you sick of people speaking they're mind and getting booted. taking a few days off to come back to no guild. Or they where just not doing as the dictators wished. This is a game and I want to play it as a game. Not like it is a real life situation. We may never get to top 100 with this concept. But we will play knowing as long as we are not vulgar we will have a GUILD. If you stand a Snowflake and cannot accept advice or criticism we have no Lego's or Play dough for you. This is for open minded adults. Work together respect each other accept advice. {in no way means you have to follow it} The guild will be your home. Many develop they're own concept to the game and how they play it. They should be allowed to play it that way without fear of getting booted.