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Asylum Looking For a Few Active Members


New Member
Asylum is looking for a few members who enjoy helping their teammates and don’t want/create drama. I noticed you don’t belong to a guild and wondered if you might be interested in joining.

We don’t have a mandatory contribution policy regarding sticks to bricks and donations to the guild treasury, but we do prefer our members to have Arc/Obs since we open all 4 levels in Guild Expedition weekly, and this costs goods from the guild treasury. We pursue excellence in GE without setting a minimum number of encounters. We do encourage every member to at least complete level 1 of GE, for the personal gains if for no other reason.

We have active swap threads, goods trading, as well as 1.8 and 1.9 threads. We have some very experienced and helpful members with a ton of game knowledge and great advice!

If you wish to discuss joining Asylum please message me (Ceph). Thanks!