At Last I am Here!


i have finally found my way to the forums friends come and discuss our lovely C world with me :D

Darth Mole

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I love C world - of all the Worlds below D it's my Fav by a long way.
Miles better than B and just a bit better than A. Especially love the ebb and flow of things rather than the usual flotsam of tedium that tends to concentrate around the middle of the alphabet.
Pah - you wouldn't catch me anywhere near L, M or N - it's C all the way.

Apart from P and Q that is. They are statistically the best when all things are considered


you have the right of it there Im no expert on any of the other worlds but it seems to me that being the front runner in the alphabet attracts the wrong crowd and the lower you go you find all sorts of madness C is a comfortable but passing grade i feel :D