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Contact Support Auto-Collect for 5 diamonds does not reset all buildings


New Member
Every time I use the gold hook (auto collect for 5 diamonds), it leaves 1 or 2 buildings not reset. Today it was a TF2 and Aviary. Another day it was the Gate & Spice Trader, etc. Does not seem any rhyme or reason to which buildings are not reset. It has failed on goods, supplies, and coins with no particular reason.
  • Browser and Version: Mozilla - 84.0.1
  • Overview of the bug: Leaves 1 always, occasionally 2 buildings not reset and producing. All buildings are collected.
  • Screenshots:
  • How often this occurs: Every time
  • Urgency: Annoying - I pay for a service, it's not complete
  • Preventative Actions:
  • Summary: I just need to remember to check carefully - it's not always obvious which has been missed - it's lost in the clutter.

The Winning Bid

You should contact support in game for this. It has occurred with others and they can help by looking at the server logs.