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Baby guild


looking for a guild to help a baby guild. We are not growing I need help.


Well-Known Member
You're a level 1 guild with 8 members. You're the top member with an EMA city filled with IA buildings with OoD as your only GB and a whopping 38 battles under your belt.

What do you have to offer new guild mates? What expertise do you have in the game at this stage? What experience do you have in running a guild? Does your guild open GE lvl 4 each week? Do you complete GE lvl 4 each week? How many FPs does your guild add to City Hall?

The last thing your world needs is another guild with little or nothing to offer. The last thing your guild mates need is membership in a guild with little or nothing to offer. The last thing you need is to be leading a guild with little or nothing to offer.

Honestly, the best advice I can give you is to disband, and have you and your members go join other established guilds.

Super Catanian

Well-Known Member
If you are looking to expand what little you have, I recommend that you and your guildies participate in the GE as often as you can. Even completing level 1 or 2 will allow you to get enough Power Points to level up.
I recommend getting and Observatory, since even 1 can be powerful for a guild.

Highway Hermit

New Member
All Guilds start at Level 1....be patient youll grow in your own time...you just need loyal members wholl stick it out with you....avoid jumping in ages too soon, build up what youve got