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Lord Cannon

New Member

Looking for an active guild that participates in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battle Grounds? Look no further. Bad Company is the guild for you. We have a very helpful leadership, social community, and we are a fair trade guild. An active 1.9 Arc thread and optional forge point swap threads are available. Building an Observatory and an Arc should be a primary goal once joining our guild.

  • Our guild is founded on the belief that we are all here to have fun and play FoE in our own style. Examples: Trade only player, Competitive pvp player, or Balanced player (trades and fights). What ever you decide, you're still consider a team player by our standards.
  • Guild members will show respect toward and support each other.
  • Guild members shall follow the rules posted for each thread. Repeat offenses will result in removal from the guild.
  • Seven days of inactivity will initiate removal of a member from the guild, unless a leave of absence notice is given.
  • Guild members will practice fair trade rules when posting on the guild thread. Unfair trades can be posted but, a guild member must explain why at the time of the posting.
  • The founders encourage all members to participate in Guild Expeditions and Guild Battle Grounds. Since these events encourage guild unity by working toward a common goal, offers rewards for all members, and helps gain more guild power. However, GBG participation is not mandatory. Where the following rule below is mandated for GE.
  • All players over 175,000 points are required to complete Level 1 in Guild Expeditions.

That's it. Look forward to hearing from you!

Worlds: Houndsmoor, Yorkton
Guild Name: Bad Company

Founder, Maximist
Co-Founder, caretakerray
Recruiter, Lord Cannon
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