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Type of a "BANNER" at the top of each thread that the thread Admins can add "Announcements" or "Reminders" or "Notes" or "Headlines" or whatever you want to call it, that will STICK at the top of every thread (separate for each thread)

Current System:
There is no such thing currently.

A Banner as shown in the image below (OF COURSE something much better than what i came up with lol).
This banner will be in every thread, whether its a guild thread or friends or even it can be on Individual message threads.
The purpose of it, whenever you have an Announcement or anything that you WANTED for all of your Guildies to see and not get buried in deep and where you have to dig to see, it can be something like GE announcement, or maybe each announcement related to the type of the Thread it is. Maybe i am not able to explain very well but i am pretty sure everyone can come up with a really good reason, as i believe it serves many purposes, specially that it STICKS and will always be visible to everyone.
AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, only thread admins can change or add the banner message.
and it Should have a limited amount of character or lines.

Abuse Prevention:
I do not believe there is any room for any type of abuse as it is the same thing as writing a simple message in any thread.

Visual Aids:

I believe this will help all guild founders/co-founders/council members, and even individuals to organize there threads and send their IMPORTANT messages to everyone without that message getting buried and disappear all the way at the top.
Please post additional comments on original thread.