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Be a Part of something special!


We are matchless achievers at playing this game and plunder and conflict is always our aim, so if you’re seeking a place just to park your city, just move along and don’t seek our pity. With sectors to take and neighbors to plunder, why our enemies fear us, there’s no reason to wonder.

We seek experience; we seek beginners, either will do, as long as you’re winners.

If you like the freedom to play your way come join this team, it’s where you’ll stay.

We offer:

> active swap threads

> advanced age goods / fp exchange program

> training videos, GE, GvG, FOE basics

> excellent advice from experienced players

> leadership opportunities in GvG

> get your trades done in a timely manner

Our sticks to bricks and Treasury donations are voluntary.

Seeking farmers and fighters and will train new players.

Wounded Warriors, Noarsil, Doors open this weekend!