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    Sep 1, 2017
    I don’t know if this is the best place to post this, but I have a grievance with manny1976.
    A while back I PMed several of the high rated players in Rugnir. I indicated that I was looking for goods to build an ARC. Two or three players responded and manny1976 had the best offer (300fps).

    During a short period (~48hrs) I placed the FPs on his Traz and was surprised to see it flip twice in less than a 48hrs period. Clearly he was working to advance it quickly.

    One morning I was depositing FPs to his Traz and I inadvertently flipped his Traz. I immediately owned up to doing it and apologized. At that point manny1976 “flipped” out himself. And he said I had to pay a ”penalty” of 50 more FPs (who does that???). I payed those addition 50 FPs.

    When I finish placing my FPs (350) I posted the trades and then...nothing. Kept asking him to pick them up over a 24hr period.

    Finally he got back and told me he’d pick up my trades later...

    I don’t think he had the goods and/or was just playing me.

    Then he set me to ignore.

    I NEVER GOT ANYTHING FOR MY 350 fp and for a player at my level that was devastating.