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Best FOE military units of all ages

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Haven't seen anyone make a post about this topic yet, so I will. These are the best military units in FOE regardless of ages in my opinion:

1) AA (CE) - imo the best unit of all ages. Maybe a little bit too powerful even.
2) Ranger (CA) - completely revolutionized medieval warfare.
3) Archer (IA) - the pre-nerf version was just amazing. Can hold its own even against HMA units.
4) Conscript (PE) - the first true do-it-all unit imo.
5) Great Sword Warrior (LMA) - incredibly versatile unit.

Honorable mentions: commando (PME), tank (PE)


Wow, I have not used any of those much. I may have used the great sword warrior, I just don't remember. However in PE, I really liked snipers a lot but used tanks and cannons a lot too depending on who I was fighting, and in CA I liked dragoons, but to be fair I didn't try the rangers. I pretty much used only dragoons and rogues in CA and lancers and rogues in Industrial and was able to do most my map with those, before than I used only heavy units and rogues. Perhaps Ill try conscripts in some of my cities I am still in progressive age in. I haven't gotten to CE age to try AA. It wasn't till progressive age that I actually started using more than one type of unit. I know I don't like the champions in modern era though as I have those. I suppose I just haven't learned how to use them correctly, but I tried them since I won them in the last event.


Who could forget the almighty spearfighter? They are just so easy to train and were very effective when I first started playing all the way up to at least the EMA


I love Iron age soldiers....in iron age for a long time everyone was using ballistas and archers, and my soldiers would shred archers and ballistas...


CE: AA gun
PME: Commando
ME: Paratrooper
IND: Howitser
CA: Musket
LMA: Great Sword Warriors ( by far my favorite looking troop )8)

The rest of the lower ages aren't worth bringing up...
I would however include the Rogue, it is undoubtedly the best troop in the game however it has no era.


I enjoy fighting with howitzers (InA heavy, who doesn't love the blast skill), IFVs (PME fast), Battle Tanks (ME heavy), Anti-Aircraft (CE ranged), and my new favorite all around unit is the Tomorrow Era Champion.


Would I trade Stealth for an extra 2 in range and additional attack/defense value? No way. TE champions, like all other ages' champions, are really only good for one thing: points farming.


I feel like the best unit to take to a fight really depends on what you're fighting, what the boosts are, and whether there are rogues involved.

But the units I've most enjoyed fighting with have been:
PME champ
Assault tank
Missiles (but not because they are very good, I just think they are fun)


The best of all, of course, is the rogue. As to the age specific troops, EMA and earlier were nothing special, and nothing stood out about LMA either, but the other ages:

HMA's xbow and treb
CA's rangers were always a pain to fight against, although I've always been less keen on actually using them
IndA's howitzers and jaegers
PE snipers and RFCs
ME and PME were pretty good all around, but nothing that screams best unit
CE assault tanks and AAVs

I'm just getting into the TE units now, the champ hasn't been overly impressive, but I have hopes for a couple others.


Honestly, I disagree with the whole concept of "best" unit, as it all depends on how you use them. Every unit is vulnerable to some other type of unit if used properly. For example, Howitzers are a very nice unit, but Riflemen take them out in 2 shots. Even Stealth Tanks (the "best" TE unit) can be beaten with Microwave Blasters. If you know what you're fighting against and use your terrain wisely, you'll have more success than by relying on a "best" army.


Up to and including PE, I always attacked with 2 heavy and 6 artillery. Always worked great on a variety of hood defenses. Unless someone was all ranged or most if not all light units, then I changed accordingly. From ME and PME I have been almost exclusively heavy units. I would say Universal Tank and then Battle Tank. No experience above that, but I look forward to it.


What about unit skills? Seems like some are really good, others, just plain bad. The most obvious one, of course, is Stealth. It's definitely one of the top ones, if not the top. What about the ones that are just awful? Besides 1-shot of course, which I think is the worst one, no doubt.


Secret identity is of course the best. And contact is also very good, I'd put it with stealth. Blast is good.

I don't care for rapid deployment myself, it makes me lose more units than I would if they deployed like normal.

Mediocre specials include chivalry. call-to-arms, flight and close quarters. They are all better to have than not, but I haven't seen them make a huge impact.

What else? Morale would be great if paired with a decent unit. I haven't played yet with heat. Dug in is great if you think of it as a bonus for fighting at range, but a negative if you think of it as a penalty for fighting close.


I think I'd agree with just about all of that, and it pretty much covers the most common skills. The other ones I can think of are the MIRV/1-shot (not so great), and reactive armor (pretty nice).

Rapid deployment does have its place, I've had some pretty good success with 8 strike teams against heavy/art defenders. But just mixing in a couple RD units in an attack group does have a tendency to lead to more deaths. Most of them have stealth to mitigate that some, but that's banking on random chance.

I never really though of dug in as a penalty, I'm a fan of it, although I think of it more like the terrain/unit type bonuses rather than an actual skill.


Oh yes, reactive armor is good, I'd put it in a category with Blast.

One-shot might actually be OK, it's hard to tell because missiles have such a low attack.


RD is total crapshoot. It does have its uses, but generally i'd stay away from it as much as possible. RA is good for defense; offense, not so much.

The only issue that I can think of with secret identity is that you have to limit your army to 1 unit + 7 rogues in order to maximize its strengths. Plus it's too unique to be actually categorized as a "skill".


There is no such thing as "the best military units" rather how you use them in battle.

You could have the worst possible troops but understand how to use them to their max for a greater outcome.


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There is no such thing as "the best military units" rather how you use them in battle.

You could have the worst possible troops but understand how to use them to their max for a greater outcome.
You brought this thread back from 2+ years in the grave to make this sententious post?

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