Better Selling

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Selling buildings as a group

Current System:
having to sell each building by clicking on it

when you go to sell a building, you can have the option of selecting a group of buildings and selling it as a whole. It will go a lot faster and you don't need to spend 2 minutes deleting/selling stuff. EX. reaching a new age and deleting housing to put new housing up.

Abuse Prevention:
I see no way of abusing this.

Visual Aids:

Like i said, it will go a lot faster deleting/selling, and it is good for ppl who are on a time crunch.


OR you could just place the new houses on top of the old houses >_> Just sayin'.


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The amount of mistakes/errors that players make with the current system makes me think this is definitely not a good idea. Support already sees a huge number of "I didn't want to sell that building it was an accident!" tickets, I think this just leaves an open window for an even bigger number of mistakes. Whenever choosing between quicker play vs. safer player, I tend to go with the latter.
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