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Beware of Nargles is looking for some new members! EASY GOING PEOPLE... a total must.

Evil Pixie Works

New Member
Are you sick of joining dead guilds?

Are you constantly bothered of being treated like you don’t matter?

Is someone in your guild taking away all the fun of the game?

Are you tired of feeling like an outsider inside your own guild?

We are a NEW guild, looking for active people... for the FUN of the game!


* Must log-in at least 1x a week... however more is better.

* No requirement to play the Jungle Quest (GE) or Battlegrounds... however it's more fun if you do.

* Also must have played at least a month or better.

Trade points for each other’s Great Buildings... a must. When you constantly dump your own points in to your own buildings, you never get new blueprints... and you wont get reward points... or metals, what are great for expanding your city.

We share information and will help work out any issues or problems faced within the game world, as a normal functional concept.

Please find me on Cirgard! You can also find us by guild. (I hardly will check the message boards.)

+ Go to the lower left area of your screen, find the 3 silhouette key. Then “Global” folder. You must quit your current guild to join a new one.

Applicants must have at least 1 Great Building and city will be checked-out before joining the guild. We are not judging! Just want to see how you are doing. :)