Birka Drama

Oswyn the kind

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me! me! ive already have a lot of cities on my plate, but i may want to try set up city here. when i do, hope to connect with familiars from this forum.


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OMG Me! 3 years Ive been waiting to start new world with everyone at ground zero. 3 weeks in and its a free for all. Who's gonna get those first GBs we all want? Who's gonna stake their claim on the maps first? Everybody is watching everyone to see whos who. Its a free for all I tell ya. WooooHoooo #forging on!

Lazy Daze

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I also wanted to get on a new world where all things were equal, and I am enjoying the challenges of everyone starting new. However, be aware that that there are some players of high rank in other worlds, that have high diamond balances, that are growing faster than time and effort would allow!


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I've been playing for 28 days now on MK, and I just started playing Birka a week ago. There are a lot of nice people in this world lol MK is quiet!