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[Question] Black Friday Diamonds


As we approach the Season for Giving, best get used to the idea that in FoE the coming holiday is kind of reversed -- we will be doing the giving, not um ... ;)
I can't help but start to think that this sale is more about trying to get people to spend any diamonds they have built up before the big 33 day winter event starts.

I mean, the September cottage offer was a fairly nice deal, but mine is already fully leveled. I'll hold final judgement for when it's over, but so far I'm not all that impressed, and the crashes every time a new offer pop up hasn't helped matters.


Well-Known Member
You are half right. It's meant to get people to spend diamonds for things they want now as it's a direct purchase for the most part so far (with the exception of the mystery chest). No ulterior motive related to the upcoming event because they have so many events there's plenty of opportunities for people to spend any diamonds they've accumulated or opted to buy.

Ebeondi Asi

Active Member
IMO there is zero reason to complain, since no one has to buy anything with real money. It is totally possible to play the game and succeed never spending a penny. In fact we should all praise the people who choose to spend money to buy Diamonds, as they finance the game for everyone else. That Inno offers silly stuff for things that cost money is just another fun part of the game. Gee look at that!
I find generally what Diamonds do is speed up the game. Anything diamonds do a person a can do, just somewhat slower, and with more effort.