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Black Tower


Well-Known Member
I collected from mine about 15 hours ago and got the bats and the howling sound, as always. Perhaps your animations are turned off?


Well-Known Member
Never had that bug. I know because those bats annoy me and I'd surely know if they didn't fly out.


Mine sends out the bats... but they stick to it; don't fly off.

I am having the same problem, for nearly a year now. For months, the bats from the Black Tower flew across my city every time I collected from it. However now they do not fly. All I see are a clump of wiggling mess in the Tower that do not fly as bats. Yes, I have animation turned on. I have tried absolutely everything that i can think of, and everything that has been suggested. I have contacted support about this several times. They have no answer to my inquiry. All they can tell me is that they will "pass on" the problem to the designers. Well, I have been waiting for months, through several updates, and my Black tower is still not working. this is very unsatisfactory. Part of the Tower's benefit was the terrific animation. If some players are getting it and some are not, then it needs to be fixed. No one has addressed this problem to my satisfaction.


Well-Known Member
The Tower still produces everything it's supposed to, so it still works. The animation is cool, but frivolous. The devs have bigger things to worry about.


This Bat Problem Is Intermittent! Sometimes They Fly, And Sometimes The Clump!
The Tower Doesn't Glow While Producing Either!
Using Chrome And Html5