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"Blitzkrieg" seeking GE Fighters/GvG fighters/DA Setters


We are a young guild motivated to dominate. I have just under 1 year in FoE but have spent time in another, older, Inno game called tribal wars. We are open for the sharing of knowledge and ideas if it will make the guild stronger but let's avoid the drama and create a fun, friendly atmosphere.
Seeking strong GE/GvG fighters and DA Setters. If you can not contribute in some way to GvG this might not be the guild for you. If your goal is not to complete 48+ expeditions in GE consistently it may be difficult to keep you because it is not fair to the other members who spend their hard earned resources to be the best.
If you need to be absent for an extended time just let me know and we may be able to cover for you or if more than a week you can leave the guild and come back when you are more active because although we want to have fun, this guild will operate as a team.

We seek quality over quantity so if you like what you hear come read the guild description and if you are still interested send me a message in game. One more thing, if you practice some form of HQS that is a plus.

Have a Happy Holiday Season