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Bonus offer won't dismiss without refreshing connection

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
I play on PC never have had that problem. (I woud suggest it is a a problem with your browser, many complaints about Foe and Inno are in reality one's own computer or internet connection. I know as I have been very guilty myself)

Ebeondi Asi

Well-Known Member
Had it today. nothnig would move the offer until after left and refreshed the page. It sucks Inno... sucks..
I think they are using the "ten thousand monkeys" system instead of programmers to do the work now?


Active Member
for me, other ads just keeping this game Idle a while .... tapping x like 15+ just to get it to go away
Or reload the screen


Well-Known Member
Two or three times now when bonus offers for diamonds have been presented they will NOT dismiss by clicking the X in the upper right hand corner. Have to manually refresh the page. Running on a desktop.
Try and click it 6-8 times it will eventually work;)

Are You Sure

I didnt hear that, Are you sure..

repeat a couple of times :)