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Do Not Suggest Bowing Deer of Nara Park Minigame (repost with modification)

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Incorporate the bowing deer of Nara Park, Japan into a future Spring Event through a Sudoku mini-game.

The wild sika deer (シカ or 鹿 shika) inhabiting the Forrest surrounding Kasuga shrine in Nara Japan, were considered messengers of the gods and degreed sacred. Seeing these deer was considered a good omen and people would bow to them to show respect. Today people from all over the world travel to Nara park to see the deer. Tourists are delighted to find that when they bow to the deer, the deer will return the respectful gesture and bow for them. Spring event is an opportunity every year to showcase a different aspect of Japanese culture, here is the chance for developers to share the beautiful heritage of Nara Japan.

The game of Sudoku is played worldwide, bringing it into foe will bring a new element of gameplay into the Spring Event.

We would need a map of Nara Park during the Spring when cherry blossoms are in bloom, The Player travels to different checkpoints along a path on their way to Kasuga Shrine, at each checkpoint they will encounter a deer. When the player feeds the deer with "deer-crackers" (鹿煎餅 Shika-senbei), the deer shows its gratitude with a bow, and allows the player to play the mini-game. After completing the mini-game, the player may open a chest which contains some reward and proceed to the next check point. When the player reaches Kasuga Shrine they will receive some grand prize which will be at the discretion of game developers.

Players will receive crackers from some of the event quests, and some origami animals in the other minigame will have a chance of rewarding crackers. A player could also purchase crackers with diamonds.

The sudoku minigame, will not use numbers 1-9 but instead will use 5 goods (current or previous era), Forge points, Metals, Coins and Supplies. The player will fill the 81 squares, according to the rules of sudoku.

The game consists of a 9×9 grid of squares subdivided into 3×3 boxes. In total there are 81 squares on a sudoku grid and when the puzzle is completed each square will contain exactly one resource paid by the player. Each 3×3 box can only contain each resource once. Each vertical column can only contain each resource once. Each horizontal row can only contain each resource once.

The first mini-game will be easy, but will get progressively harder and more expensive as the player progresses along the trail.

Every player in a guild will have the same set of sudoku puzzles, so after one player solves a puzzle, they can share the solution with the other members of the guild. This will encourage communication among guild members. Since players will be in different ages, the goods would be different, but the order would be the same as listed in the inventory. So if a person in LMA solves a puzzle, where they had gunpowder, a person in progressive era would know they should put machine parts, a person in contemporary era would need to put gas.

players who start the event without a guild, or are in a guild of 1 will be on their own.

A player may use diamonds to skip a puzzle, but if they use diamonds they will not see the solution. They can move forward, but will not be able to assist the other members of the guild.

Visual Aids:

Cherry blossoms at kasuga shrine.


Deer lounging under the cherry blossoms.

Example of Sudoku board for HMA player or
LMA player if puzzle requires previous era goods.
(the player would fill out / pay the rest of the spaces)

The bowing deer of Nara belong in the Spring Event. It’s addition will bring balance where cultural education is lacking. Allowing guilds to work together on solving puzzles, will bring balance for those players who might have a difficult time figuring it out. A player who is able to rush through other events might not to be good at puzzles so they may be throttled while they wait for their guild mates to catch up and help them. Even though some guild members may rely on others to do all the thinking for them, It will be expensive to fill out the board so they will be paying a heavy price to complete all the puzzles on the map and win the grand prize.

Abuse Prevention:
No possibility for abuse to my knowledge.

Bowing deer of Nara are a cultural treasure that deserve to be showcased in a future Spring event. I would like developers to be aware of them when planning future spring events. This idea is for a map of Nara park in which you feed the deer crackers in order to play sudoku and win prizes as you progress toward Kasuga Shrine. The sudoku game, provides an alternative to the usual negotiation, and presents a challenge for guild members to work together. We will leave the rewards to game designers so that they can ensure balance and prevent abuse.


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