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Do Not Suggest Bowing Deer of Nara Park

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Incorporate the Bowing deer of Nara Park, Japan into a future Spring Event.

The deer inhabiting the Forrest surrounding Kasuga shrine in Nara Japan, were considered messengers of the gods and degreed sacred. Seeing these deer was considered a good omen and people would bow to them to show respect. Today people from all over the world travel to Nara park to see the deer. Tourists are delighted to find that when they bow to the deer, the deer will return the respectful gesture and bow for them. Spring event is an opportunity every year to showcase a different aspect of Japanese culture, here is the chance for developers to share the beautiful heritage of Nara Japan.

Weather developers chose to incorporate the deer into the quest line, or as a building (I am not suggesting a building so don’t tag DNSL or unformatted) is entirely up to them, this idea is simply here to make them aware of this cultural treasure, and to see that the Spring event would be enhanced by their inclusion, however they see fit.

Visual Aids:

Cherry blossoms at kasuga shrine.


Deer lounging under the cherry blossoms.

The bowing deer of Nara belong in the Spring Event. It’s addition will bring balance where cultural education is lacking. Ultimately, the effect on game play balance will be at the discretion of developers depending on how they chose to implement this idea.

Abuse Prevention:
No possibility for abuse to my knowledge.

Bowing deer of Nara are a cultural treasure that deserve to be showcased in a future Spring event. I would like developers to be aware of them when planning future quest lines, mini games, and rewards. We will leave the implementation and inclusion of the Nara deer to game designers so that they can ensure balance and prevent abuse.


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
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