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Brisgard Town Square

Discussion in 'Brisgard Drama' started by Spartenclone28, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Welcome to Brisgard Town Square

    This is a place were neighboors can talk to one another about this world. How is your world doing and what do you plan to seek in this world? Why did you come to this world instead of the other four worlds? Some questions like that could be useful enough to get to know people in your neighboorhood or people around the Brisgard world.

    This town square is like a way to communicate with people in the same world as you like what drama has happened in your world, stuff like that. Anything that you wanna get of your head about this magnificent world
  2. lavron

    lavron New Member

    Feb 4, 2013
    Brisgard is decent - some inactive players. Trying to survive regular beatings by the higher ranking players is a challenge but that is what the game is all about right?
  3. Actually Brisgard is my "Social Guild" we're more interested in having some fun here and relaxing away from the pressures of Arvahall. Arvahall is a blast, but it's work to keep ahead. Brisgard is must more laid back for me, that and I don't have to run the guild, just recruit for it.