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[Question] Can I transfer my account to a new player?


Admins, if this is not allowed go ahead and delete the post.

After some four months, the shiny has worn off and FoE is just a daily grind. I'm ready to abandon my account but it seems a shame to let all the work and resources go to waste.

I understand that I can't sell my account or transfer it to an existing player, but does anyone have a friend who would like a quick start into a successful account?

I'm about 80% done with Late Middle Ages, have several Great Buildings and I'm in about the middle of the pack among my neighborhood, guild, and friends. Let me know here or in-world and I'll move the contact info to a new gmail address, change the password, etc. The world is Houndsmoor.


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transfer it to an existing player,
This is allowed actually with Support Team permission. The same goes for all account transfers except selling the account. Make a support ticket and ask them for approval of an account transfer. My current account was transferred to me by a player who had planned on leaving even though I already had an account the support team approved it.


If your giving it away I'll take it. If that's allowed.



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I've never heard of them moving an account between servers. I've heard of them allowing someone else to take over an account which is what they meant by 'transfer' of an account. So I'd say no they won't let you move between servers or worlds for that matter.