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Not A Bug can u help me? the brazilian support don't solve my problem and refuses to cooperate


I'm playing on brazilian server br8
ticket opened: https://support.innogames.com/t11727912

I had a problem, I mean still have a problem in a trade at guild market when I did NOT received the products but lost mine, happened today 27/07/2017 at 14:18
screenshots bellow (1 and 2 are mine, 3 guild member)

My screenshots
, check the time around 14:18, there is no record of the products that I payed for (it was rocks for iron and rocks for wood):

now check the guild member record:

THERE IS, so he got my stuff and I got nothing

I wish you guys can fix this bug, not sure how that happened or why, and make the trade happen again(please) or cancel it to refund my rocks... and for the love of god do something about the brazilian support who keep repeating the same sentences, ignoring the problem and trying to convince me that did not happened, without any proves.



refund my rocks
That sounds like something only Inno in-game Support can handle.
Forums are not the place to look for in-game help.
We can give you advise and lots of memes.

images (1).jpg

But for the serious issues affecting your game, all you can do is contact Inno with in-game support ticket.


There are times where there is a visual error with trades and with FP where they do not show up right away. The common way to fix this is to simply reload your game.

Without seeing your stockpile before and after the trade, and after reload no one other than support would have any way of saying if you got the goods or not.

Judging by your screen shots you should have 5 more iron and 5 more ebony than you had before.

If support is telling you you received them and what you have in your screen shots is a picture of a common visual error we have all faced at one time or another in this game, I'm inclined to think they are correct.


You would still need to talk to the support team for the version of the game you play....we (support) only have access to information for the version (country) of the game we support, we can't access information from other countries. if they aren't answering your question sufficiently ask to speak to a supervisor or manager.