Can you complete all four levels is GE?


The Bucket is looking for players that enjoy competing in GE week after week. We are currently 15-1-0 with five perfect scores of 133.3 %. Our only loss came by a team that finished in less than 24 hours.
An Observatory and Temple of Relics are mandatory and obtaining a Hall of Fame as soon as possible. Minimum of one below ME and two above ME. Halls of Fame is only if you can luck out and get some. However; if you do not have an Observatory, the guild will assist you with getting the blue prints you need (not a hand out). Temple of Relics BPs you will get from GE. Also you must be willing to donate the goods needs for GE until you get an Observatory. There is no other requirement to donate goods to the treasury. We promote self-leveling so there are no fp swap threads in The Bucket.
Contact Oddie directly on Angkor if you think this is a guild for you.
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