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Fixed Can't login on Laptop


Active Member

When I come the Forge of Empires site, the area to the right where I usually log in is totally blank.

What's going on?



FOE Team
Forum Moderator
There was some downtime. No need to report a bug when this is happening. Usually it is solved before we can even answer this.


No need to report a bug when this is happening
Seriously, no need to report a bug? Is that the official FoE policy, don't report a bug until, what, an hour goes by, or a day , or a week?

Certainly not what is said https://forum.us.forgeofempires.com...-before-posting-bugs-and-errors.38/post-45421
which sayss: "If the issue you're reporting is something general (ie. cannot login, lost all diamonds, information missing on certain pages, etc.) that could apply to a larger audience or every player, please post here in the forum."


FOE Team
Forum Moderator
No it is not the official FoE policy. It is common sense. You are reporting a bug on the forum. None of the moderators here have the tools to see what is going on. We see the same as you.

Part you are posting is from 2014. Thanks for pointing it out. That needs to be adjusted.