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Allow guild leaders to cap-lock a sector in GbG.

Current System (if applicable)



Allows GbG leaders to keep a sector from being taken. The sector can be fought as normal, it just will not allow anyone from their guild to "cap" the sector.

Abuse Prevention

It only works for your own guild, of course. You cannot prevent another guild from taking a sector.

Visual Aids



Seems like a decent option to have.


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EDIT: I wanted to add that there's a new thread elsewhere on the forum that complains about guilds doing exactly this: they siege a sector but they don't finish it, allowing them to hold it indefinitely. This proposal essentially asks Inno to codify that tactic.
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Stephen Longshanks

You know what would be funny? If this were implemented, and the opponents of a guild using this tactic could figure out when the person with the proper permissions to remove the lock were not around. Go to sleep with the sector you're attacking locked against your own guild finishing it off, and wake up to another guild owning it. And not the one that owned it the night before. Half your progress gone. ROFLMAO (And I rarely feel that acronym is called for, but that would be hilarious!)

Oh, and -1.