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Carnival 2019 Feedback


The last event quest - gain 10,000 happiness? Are you kidding? With just hours to go on the event? This is getting more ridiculous.

Stephen Longshanks

The last event quest - gain 10,000 happiness? Are you kidding? With just hours to go on the event? This is getting more ridiculous.
Delete roads and rebuild them. Start with Paths and work your way up, each upgrade adds Happy. I finished in 5 minutes.
Or use up all those Faces of the Ancient and/or Gates of the Sun God that everyone complains about. Build/sell/build. You only need a 2x2 space and a few minutes.


The last event quest - gain 10,000 happiness? Are you kidding? With just hours to go on the event? This is getting more ridiculous.
Or use up all those Faces of the Ancient and/or Gates of the Sun God that everyone complains about. Build/sell/build. You only need a 2x2 space and a few minutes.
That's exactly what I did. In VF it was 15k happiness which was 12 gates. Took maybe 2 minutes.


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I had a full ticket counter and cashed in my last ticket prize and lost 21 times in a row on the 15% game in the event with the last five tries having the double chance effect. Then, someone else lost 11 times in a row on top of my losses.

I bought 1 ticket and actually won the stupid pot on try #22. 400 florins off of the 15% game.

This event makes me want to flip a table.

There I feel better now. Now that AHHH!


Finally you can get rid of your Faces of the Ancient and Gates of the Sun God and you complain?????

It will only take a few minutes!
I didn't even get rid of half the ones two ages below me, they keep growing and multiplying aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh


So I finished the event in my main city so here is my feedback.
One thumb sideways out of two.
I spent wisely and still only got 2 level one buildings and two upgrades. Granted I wasn't trying for the set to hard but still, that seems pretty low to me.
I was very disappointed to see how high all the amounts were for a lot of the quests. They seemed excessive to me.
I was even more disappointed to see that you brought back research a technology as one of the quests, even with the Or option that you added to it.
The only thing I really liked about this event at all was the prizes in the chests that weren't the special event buildings. While a lot of people are complaining about the prizes being useless I rather liked them as I was only in LMA during the event and found a lot of the chest options very useful.
Granted, gambling can be fun when you're not loosing anything, but offering a set for this event instead of an upgradable building, I think, was a bad call.


So, some buildings you may want to use 1Up kit (increases by 1 Age) or reno kit (increases to your current Age no matter what Age it was before) when you advance an Age. Others you may leave as is. Each building functions fine irregardless of what Ages they are, even if part of a set
Yup, I have a list of this stuff and note which to use 1 Ups on, and which to use Renos, and when to use the Renos. Didn't fully upgrade the Tholos or Winter Spire either, I saved the upgrades on those to use after leveling the city to save on 1 up uses.

The last event quest - gain 10,000 happiness? Are you kidding? With just hours to go on the event? This is getting more ridiculous.
It was age based. I had 1700 I think for PE, and just used GE trash to finish it off.

Ugh, last prize was the Mask Vendor. I was hoping there wouldn't be a set piece or upgrade near the end so I could spend off my accumulated Florins. Nope, 7000+ Florins to spend and I end up with 3 more Mask Vendors. If I knew this was going to happen, I'd have gone for extra pieces. :rolleyes:

Well, I ended 500 Florins short of Silver, acquired one of each set piece, 4 upgrades, and finished the questline, so that should win me a second selection kit unless the whales dump a ridiculous amount of cash into the game in the next 5 hours.


Well I've finished. I have to say this even was disappointing. I didn't want the set pieces but you pushed them hard. I was also hoping for a non-set piece for the last prize. Here are some suggestions: Victory towers are useless and so are the upgrade kits. If I had 50 of them in and upgraded it would still take several years to win enough medals for one expansion. That goes for the worthless emissary you give in the viking village. I need a little over 100k for my next expansion and it will take 3.8 years to earn enough from that emissary. I understand your vision is that we will gain medals through many small sources. Get a new vision! Watchfire upgrades are not worth being a prize in an event. Do you come up with things like that and the victory tower upgrade so you have more worthless crap to hand out?

I'm playing the spring event on Beta and it is at least as bad as this event. You seem to run this game on disappointment. Are you trying to drive away players? I may be working for me.



Senior Ingame Moderator
This event was COMPLETE GARBAGE! Par for the course the way this game is going. These greedy devs are gearing these events more towards the 15% or so who are dumb enough to spend money and use massive amounts of diamonds. This is showed by the other 85% only able to get into the third tier of these stupid leagues they are now using more and more. The everyday average Joe who completes the entire event should get put into the second tier with the credit card players getting put into the first tier if anything. But they gear these leagues to reward the credit card players which screws over the rest of us by knocking us down and sometime out of the third tier if enough diamonds get spent at the last minute of the event.
I don't agree a player "should" be in any specific league regardless of expenditure or non-expenditure.

As long as you're able to complete the event building sufficiently without league rewards then it's a moot whether or not you reach silver league. If you can get the building without the league then you were never going to use the extra anyway without also going for an extra set..... Which means spending diamonds. If you fall short then it's a fallback if you can reach it. On the world I didn't spend diamonds on I'm in bronze league and a full lvl 2 set. It's not impossible just depends on whether you gamble the florins and win/lose or go for the guaranteed route and what everyone else did

Aside from which if you enter forum competitions you can potentially win extra event currency for free. Also check your emails junk folder (email linked to your FoE account) - free florins will be there as well.

All that being said, what would be your criteria for the leagues if you were in charge of such a decision? If you're unable to complete the set without landing in a league then neither the problem or the solution lies with the leagues. In that case the way of gaining the sets needs to be looked at and whether there's some way of ensuring those with the absolute worst luck who did all the quests and didn't waste the tickets still have a fair way of gaining the set.
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This event was absolutelly no fun :(

I felt like I was always losing... either because players in my main world hardly ever left any florins above the base prizes, bad luck at the cups game... (even lost 16 tickets few times...) and then, even when I played safe, I then lost with the chests...

In my main world I only won 2 pieces (+ mask vendor) and 1 upgrade.

And the leagues only amplify the effect: bad luck = fewer tickets = lower league (even worried about making it to bronze at some point)

Luck played far to great a role in this event... In one of my "farming" world I had the full first level set over 10 days ago.

Maybe if I knew I might be able to eventually get the pieces I'm missing through another channel (ex.: DC, next event) I wouldn't be so disgusted with the results.


Well-Known Member
This event exceeded my expectations. I ended with:

W - One level 2 Piazza Set, one level 1 Piazza Set, one Masquerade Ball, and one Gondola Dock Market
R - One level 2 Piazza Set, and two level 1 Piazza sets.

I like the Piazza set, especially like the Venetian theme. I'm looking forward to Carnival next year.


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My final take on the Event.

Except for one major drawback, this is a fine Event.

The drawback is the same as last year. Too many possible points of failure. Most Events have two points of failure: The QuesLines and some random game.

This Event has three points where a player can fail. The Questlines and two random games.

Which means that players have a much larger chance of playing this Event properly and still failing.

One thing INNO did that helped mitigate this was to have an overkill factor built into this Event. The forum is rife with people who did not spend any Diamonds and yet got multiple sets.

It's also rife with people who failed.


Which does lead to the question: Is it better to have the wider variance from two random games that means more people who play the Event properly get multiple main prizes and more people who play the Event properly and yet fail? Or is it better to have 'linear' Events where if a player plays properly they are guaranteed to get one and only one of the main prize?

I haven;t thought through the implications for INNO regarding Diamond spending and the difference between the two types of Events. Anybody got any speculation on that?


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Here is my final odds tally:

108 for 683 on the 15% game - 15.81%
36 for 628 on the 5% game - 5.73%

So I did a little better than the advertised chances.

I got the complete Piazza sets in both worlds, one of them fully upgraded to level 2, the other upgraded everything except the Fountain. Bronze League in both worlds. No diamonds spent.


Nevermind. CG stands for Cherry Garden. There is no such thing as a Cherry Blossom set. You compare the Cherry Garden set to the Classical Garden set and that is something you can not compare.
It's still called the Cherry Blossom Set.


I thought so too but when I checked my inventory, the name of the set is cherry garden. :(
Probably cuz of spacing in the limited area of the Title. It's still the same Cherry Blossom set, in a number of different Wiki posts. I'll double check to see if the Wiki page(s) have reflected a change.


I thought so too but when I checked my inventory, the name of the set is cherry garden. :(
Well, it seems that certain Wiki pages have made a change to its name, to the Cherry Garden. That's not what it was called in its' original form. Originally, it was the Cherry Blossom set.
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