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Castle change

I concur. Before the current GBG season I was able to autobattle to 80 attrition before taking significant damage to my (1) hover tank (7) rogue army. I'm in PME. Depending on the number of guildmates on the field during a swap I get in between 225 and 275 battles each swap. This current season I'm not able to get past 60 attrition on auto. Nothing has changed except I added 96 attack and 32 defense when the Fall Event ended. More attack, more defense, less ability to fight without taking damage. I get it that terrain plays a role but I don't think it's likely to get "bad" terrain more often now, than before, unless something changed. I don't pay attention to the troops that I'm fighting because I'm using hovers.
I agree. I just aged up to CE but am battling this season with and against PME. Same exact troop line up as last season in PME but damage is definitely greater — even when I really up the boosts. It perplexes me.

Aethelcatt VIII

Active Member
I don't think this is related to the sparkling new castle, but I did notice that the AI running enemy defense got a little smarter this GBG season. In past seasons when I baited the AI's cavalry units with my own, it hardly ever failed to bite. And whenever I had rogues in my line-up, the AI almost always attacked them first at the very beginning of the battle with whatever it had available (the only exception seemed to be when the defending army consisted solely of artillery units). Now the AI's response is more varied--and not quite as predictable as before. It appears to be going through one extra step of calculation instead of simply respond automatically to what it sees across the battlefield.