Celtic Warriors II is looking for players


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Celtic Warriors II is a new guild to Houndsmoor. We are a mix of experienced and new players. We are looking for players who are interested in building a strong guild which will eventually fight in guild vs guild. If you are interested in joining a fun guild that helps build your city send me an ingame message or reply here.

Emperor Mitra

login issues

Hey Snow
Its Mitra Here, for couple of days I cannot login to play the game as I am getting "Response Error". Are you guys getting any issue in loging in?? I have tried to complain it in"http://support.innogames.de/login/to/game/foe/market/us" but there too I am getting "Server Connection Closed <<The server requested closed the connection before the transaction was completed>>". Even I am getting same issue in this forum too as this is the 4th time I try to post this but able to do so due to server connection closed issue. Hope you guys are good. Please let me know if there is any other to complain this or if possible you can complain on my behalf.

Thank You
Hello Emperor Mitra,

I would highly recommend clicking here and creating a new post in the Bug Reports Section of the Forum since you are currently unable to access the Support Team who would usually deal any Login Issues.